Aqua One Tropical T8 Light Tube

The perfect aquarium T8 tube for encouraging tropical plant and fish growth

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  • Aqua One tropical tubes for tropical aquariums
  • Offers the sunlight tropical plants and fish need
  • A range of sizes to suit all tanks
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What is an Aqua One Tropical T8 Light Tube?

These lighting tubes are T8 replacement tropical tubes for aquarium lighting units. Each lighting tube is designed to offer the benefits of a photosynthetic growing lamp, promoting lush plant growth within your aquarium and vibrant fish colours. These bulbs also work well alongside the Aqua One Sunlight T8 lamp, creating a complete aquarium lighting solution when used together.

Why do my fish need special lighting?

Aquarium lighting is a key part of a tropical aquarium as the fish and plants in your aquarium are used to receiving constant sunlight throughout the day in the wild. Without light, plants will die and fish will lose a lot of their colour. To ensure your aquarium life thrives we recommend using a tropical light tube like the Aqua One Tropical T8 range.

What's the difference between the lights in this range?

We deliver aquarium spare parts to suit a wide range of aquarium types so we stock a range of lengths in the Aqua One Aquarium Tropical T8 Light Tube range. The 5 sizes in the range will suit most T8 aquarium light fittings from the largest tropical tanks to small countertop setups.



Brand Aqua One


Wattage Length
15W 18"
20W 23.5"
18W 24"
25W 30"
30W 36"
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