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Prices dropped in our January Sale + Get up to £15 extra OFF! - SEE CODE >

LED Aquarium Retrofit Lighting

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Help and advice on shopping for: LED Aquarium Retrofit Lighting

Powerful and energy-efficient lighting

Step back in time a few decades and fish tank lighting was hot, inefficient and expensive to run. That has completely changed with LED aquarium lighting. With LED lighting you can showcase your tank, give your plants light and save money at the same time. Our range of LED lights includes world-class names like TMC, Juwel and Aquarium Systems.

What is LED aquarium lighting?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is relatively new in comparison to the more traditional forms of fish tank lighting, such as fluorescent or incandescent tubes. It boasts a variety of energy efficiency benefits including cost-efficiency, long-lasting performance and low heat emission. It also offers the normal benefits of aquarium lighting like helping to promote the lush growth of plants and enhance the natural colours of fish, corals and plant life.

Why should I buy LED aquarium lighting?

If you currently own an aquarium with fluorescent lighting or are thinking of starting a new aquarium, LED aquarium lighting is a natural choice with all the benefits of fluorescent lighting and none of the drawbacks. LED lights are even easy to install and position, making it a breeze to create professional lighting arrangements.

What are the main types of LED aquarium lighting?

There are many different types of LED lighting available in our range. For example, in a tropical tank, a mix of different coloured lights pick out and enhance natural colours. Red, white and blue work well together to reflect the beauty of deep hues within your aquarium. Many units can be dimmed and programmed to cycle through various light sequences to suit personal taste.

What should I look for?

As you're choosing between our LED lights check the Wattage of the lights, in most cases, you will be running these constantly so it's key that you find a Wattage that you're comfortable with paying to run. Past that, it's really about looking at what other features each light offers, like a range of different colours or remote control.