Remineralising Additives

Remineralising additives help and advice

Replace the good minerals in your RO water

By filtering out all of the toxins, impurities and minerals in tap water, RO units create incredibly pure water. However, the process can also remove many helpful substances. Ensure your RO water is full of the right combination of minerals for your tank with our range of remineralising additives from leading brands like Seachem and Tropic Marin.

What are remineralising additives?

Remineralising additives are vital to any tank running off an RO unit. They ensure that the water is full of the right minerals for healthy fish and plant growth without holding any nasty pollutants. Also, remineralising additives improve the hardness of the water, protecting it from rapid shifts in pH.

Why should I buy remineralising additives?

Remineralising additives mitigate the loss of minerals caused by RO filtration. If you have an RO unit, you must use remineralising additives on your RO water to give your fish, plants and invertebrates everything they need to develop. Hardening your water is also important and will further protect your aquarium life.

What are the main types of remineralising additives?

We stock a few different types of remineralising additives, each designed for different types of tanks. Our tropical remineralising additives, like Tropic Marin's Re-Mineral Tropic, are specially formulated for tropical tanks and will give fish everything they need to develop bright colours. We also stock marine remineralising additives, like Tropic Marin's Re-Mineral Marine, which infuses your water with all the minerals and elements typically found in sea water.

What should I look for?

Each of our remineralising agents has a recommended dosage amount, so you should be able to work out how much you will need to put in your RO water to make it suitable for your tank. Ensure that you buy enough remineralising additives to treat your RO water for several months to avoid continually having to stock up. If you are in the process of incorporating your RO unit into your tank you may also find it beneficial to look at our RO units pipework and fittings range.