TMC V2 Pure 50 RO System

Filter out the toxins and pollutants from your tap water

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  • Three stage reverse osmosis system
  • Includes 3 chambers with filter cartridges/membrane
  • Unit produces up to 50 gallons a day
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Reverse Osmosis is easy with the TMC V2 Pure 50 RO System.  The three stage system processes the water through an advanced filtration system, removing all sediments, chemicals, pollutants and more.

This unit will produce up to 50 gallons a day.

The 3 stage process:

  • The first stage uses a sediment pre-filter to remove all traces of sand, silt and rust from the water. It can remove particles of just 5 micron in size. This pre filtration method will prolong the life of the membrane, as larger particle are removed before the water reaches the membrane section.
  • The second stage of the RO unit consists of carbon cartridge. This efficiently removes all traces of chlorine and other pollutants. It also removes colourants, odours and residue for a polished finish.
  • Finally the water reaches the membrane. This fine yet strong film barrier will remove any remaining contaminants including nitrates and phosphates.
  • The unit has an in built restrictor/ flush valve that means that excess water cannot flow into the membrane, making it last longer.

For added reassurance, the TMC V2 Pure In-Line TDS Monitor will study the level of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), and alert you if performance drops below 80%. Thus, you will know when to change the cartridges or membrane in your unit.

The TMC V2 Pure 50 RO System includes:

  • RO Unit with 3 chambers incl. filter cartridges/membrane
  • Self-piercing water connector
  • Metal wall mounting bracket
  • Drain clamp
  • 6m of tubing (2m red/2m blue/2m white) ¼" diameter
  • Filter housing removal tool

V2Pure 50 : Suitable for producing up to 50 US gal/42 UK gal/190 litres of water per day*

*PLEASE NOTE: RO water production capacities and contaminant rejection rates are based on an ambient temperature of 25°C and a mains water operating temperature of 50 psi (approx. 3.5 bar).And also that the RO water production capacity and contaminant rejection rates will be reduced at lower ambient temperatures and in areas of lower mains water pressure so this must be taken into account when choosing the correct RO model for your requirements.

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