Bondaglass Seal Clear

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Product Information

Swell UK recommend using the Bonda Seal Clear to use in and around ponds or on water features. Formulated from high performance resins to provide a non-porous sealer with outstanding non-yellowing properties and gloss retention. The coating is tough yet flexible and has excellent adhesion to many materials. Bonda seal is resistant to oils, fuels and a range of aggressive chemicals.

If you have a cracked pond, then the crack must be filled before the Bonda Seal Clear can be used to waterproof it.

Key Features:

  • Clear, Non-Yellowing, U.V light stable, non-porous-seal
  • Use on wood, masonry, concrete, cement and stone floors
  • Retain the appearance of finished surfaces, preventing oxidisation and tarnishing of metal
  • Resistant to oils, fuels and a range of aggressive chemical

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