Cloverleaf Absolute Pearls - Pond

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As Summer approaches, the Cloverleaf Absolute Pearl's are used the world over, helping you to quickly clear ammonia and nitrates from your water to give your pond a healthy summer boost!


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Product Information

Absolute Pearls are available for Ponds and Aquariums the balls contain millions of microscopic nitrifying bacteria with the combination of fast acting bioactive enzymes that rapidly go to work breaking down any elevated and harmful levels of nitrite and ammonia along with helping to keep waste produced by dead algae and food from building up in your filter system and reduce sludge levels.

Quickly restores loss in biological filtration systems. Helps to leave water crystal clear. Rapidly reduces dangerous Nitrite and Ammonia.

3X XL Pearls included and can treat ponds up to 60,000ltr

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    Date 09/07/2018 11:07am
    Cloverleaf Absolute Pearls - Pond
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    The pearls came squashed apart from one. Probably the postman squeezing the package through the letterbox! It does say on the packet that there is no problem if they are broken they work the same. There's no time release coating or anything so you just need to put the broken jelly bits in the pond, working out roughly how much to use. Can't overdose the fish anyway. Seems to work OK and pond looks healthy. Nice natural 'tonic' for the pond.
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    Date 23/04/2018 15:04pm
    Cloverleaf Absolute Pearls - Pond
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