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  • Nutritious food pellets for baby pond fish and Koi
  • High in protein and shaped to encourage feeding
  • A variety of formulas to choose between
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What is the Nishikoi Baby Grower?

The Nishikoi Baby Grower range offers you a top quality pellet food that is perfect for smaller pond fish and young Koi, with a highly digestible fishmeal diet that has a balanced formulation. Available in three variations to suit your current fish, or to use as a mix and match to offer a more varied diet, the Baby Grower are each a micro pellet size, perfect for smaller fish. Filled with vitamins such as A, C, D and E, which all aid in both the general wellbeing of your fish and boosts their immune system, these baby grower foods help reduce a fish's chances of disease, and increases their survival rate. This range is also full of protein, a nutrient essential for fish, especially baby fish, to aid them with growth and general health.

Key Features:

  • High quality pellet food ideal for young koi and pond fish
  • Micro sized pellets to suit smaller fish
  • Contains ingredients that reduces chances of disease
  • Full of essential nutrients
  • Encourages growth
  • Brings out the brightest colours of your fish
  • Aids in boosting the immune system
  • High protein content
  • A range of products to suit your needs
  • Packed with important vitamins
  • Delicious and easy to digest

Which Baby Grower food should I choose?

  • Baby Grower Colour Booster This food mix is rich is carotenoids, which will give your fish a boost in colouration, bringing out their brightest shades. It also features beta glucans for added health and vitality, as well as the much needed extra protein required for growing fish, an absolutely essential nutrient for fish, especially young ones. This product is ideal for young Koi, Goldfish, Black Mollys, Orfe, Shubunkins and Orandas. The vitamins in this food help to keep your fish healthy, and reduces their chances of getting sick with a boost to their immune system.
  • Baby Grower Growth: This food mix a super palatable, premium-quality and easily digestible food, with high protein levels and added immunostimulant beta glucans, and extra, high concentration Vitamin C, which all help to boost immunity, making it ideal for goldfish, including fancy goldfish and koi. This growth food also contains vitamins which all aid in the general wellbeing of your fish, helping to reduce their chances of disease and give a boost to their immune system
  • Baby Grower Sinking Pellet This food mix has the same high protein levels but in a sinking form, making is great for Koi and Goldfish who can graze over time, but also is great for catfish, turtles, sterlets and tench too. This food is rich in proteins, so you can be assured your fish are recieving all the essential nutrients to help them grow and be healthy. The vitamins in this food will aid the immune system of your fish, which will help them both fight of diseases, and reduce their chances of getting sick too
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