D&D Fluidised Reactor

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D&D Fluidised Reactor makes for brilliant water quality in both freshwater and salt water fish tanks. Fluidising your biological media means more contact with your aquarium water, for better biological cleaning.


  • Fluidised Reactor
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Product Information

The H2 Ocean Fluidised Media Reactor can be used to fluidise a range of media used with marine and freshwater aquariums.

The simple design allows the reactor to easily hang on to the sides of the sump and tanks or to stand alone next to the aquarium. We recommend standing it in the sump, this avoids any leaks should the lid not be tightened adequately.

Please note this unit does not come with a pump, it is available as a complete Fluidised Reactor kit.

We recommend the use of the following proven products on your H2Ocean Pro+ fluidised reactor:

DimensionsReaction Tube Outer DiameterTube Height between Upper / Lower Perforated Plates
128 x 94 x 440mm80mm340mm

Media specific information:

Max capacity 500mls, flow rate 250-300ltrs/hr, fine sponge required. Tip-floss can be used below sponge to trap fine particles.

Nutrifix Bio Pellets
Max capacity 1000mls, flow rate 300-500ltrs/hr, must be used without either sponge fitted, direct the flow towards the feed of a protein skimmer of collect in fine filter sock and change regularly.

Max capacity 1000mls, flow rate 300-500ltrs/hr. Use with sponge.


  • Complete packaged reactor
  • Effective fluidisation
  • Flow control valve included
  • None return valve included
  • Freestanding or hang on
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for a wide range of media.

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