D&D Ocean Breeze Cooling Fans

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The D&D Ocean Breeze Cooling Fan comes in two sizes and is perfect for a low-cost solution to reducing high temperatures through evaporative cooling.


  • Ocean Breeze Cooling 4 Fan
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  • Ocean Breeze Cooling 6 Fan
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Product Information

The Ocean Breeze Cooling Fan comes as a 4 Fan or 6 Fan option, and is a low cost solution to high temperatures within your aquarium. This blows a stream of air over the surface of your aquarium, or sump, which helps to increase evaportation, promoting evaporative cooling and reducing tempetures.

The Ocean Breeze Fans stand out with each fan running on ball bearing systems, compared to cheaper alternatives that use plastic on the shaft, which are then prone to breakages. Not only does the use of ball bearings ensure a good quality and high performance product, but it significantly increases the lifespan of the fan and also reduces the noise levels, which in itself can be invaluable!

These fit tank rims up to 12mm and feature a 90 degree adjustable bracket so you can ensure the optimum angle of the fans across your water surface. The run on a low voltage, making them energy efficient to be running as needed through the summer. The casing of the fans is a corrosion proof plastic for longevity.

ModelPower ConsumptionTotal Air VolumeTank Rim FitDimensions
Ocean Breeze 4 Fan5.8w120,000lphup to 12mm291mm x 118mm x 48mm
Ocean Breeze 6 Fan8.6w180,000lphup to 12mm411mm x 118mm x 48mm

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