D&D Marco Hybrid Rock Coralline 18kg

A mixed box of natural reef rock with both structural and plating qualities

At a glance...
  • Natural calcium carbonate rock
  • Uniquely textured - no two pieces are the same
  • Mixed box of rocks perfect for creating a stratified reefscape
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What is this Marco Hybrid Rock Coralline 18kg from D&D?

This Marco Hybrid Rock Coralline is part of a range of Coralline Rock available from marine specialists D&D. This range is made up of natural calcium carbonate rocks that have been sustainably harvested from the fossilised remains of ancient coral reefs. These rocks have been coloured using a proprietary paint-free process, making them look just like aged live rock.

As a natural product, no two pieces of Coralline Rock are the same. This 18kg box contains several Hybrid rocks, specially selected for their structural and plating qualities. They fall somewhere in between ReefSaver and Premium Shelf Coralline rocks, giving your reefscape bulk and structure while also providing spacious platforms for your corals to grow on.

Like the other rocks in this range, Hybrid rocks are highly textured and incredibly porous, making them perfect hosts for large colonies of beneficial bacteria. They're completely dry too, so there's no worry that any unwanted pests may be introduced to your aquarium if you choose to build a reefscape with these rocks.

What are the main benefits of this Marco Hybrid Rock Coralline

These Coralline Rocks from D&D not only help you to create stunning, one-of-a-kind reefscapes, they also have the following benefits:

  • Host huge amounts of beneficial bacteria
  • Help to stratify your reefscape and create distinct shelves
  • Provide spacious surfaces for your corals to colonise and grow on
  • Naturally buffer your water without negatively impacting pH
  • Purple colour simulates live rock and instantly creates a natural, aged look
  • Offer many hiding spots for small fish and invertebrates

What other kinds of Coralline Rocks are available from D&D?

This range of Coralline Rocks from D&D features four different types of natural calcium carbonate rock: Hybrid, Premium Shelf, ReefSaver, and Foundation. These Hybrid rocks blend the best parts of Premium Shelf and ReefSaver rocks together, giving your reefscape both structure and spacious surfaces for corals to grow on. Be sure to check out the rest of the range to see which Coralline Rocks will best suit your next reefscape.

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