EasyReefs Easyconnect Prof

A professional and easy way to automate your dosing

At a glance...
  • Valve for the prof packs from the Easydose range
  • Vital for automated peristaltic dosing
  • Durable, reusable tool for the Easydose range
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The Easyconnect Prof allows you to automate the dosing of any PROF packs from the Easydose range by EasyReefs (including Easybooster, Easyart, Easyroti, Easyrich and Easyphyt) with a peristaltic dosing pump.

Since Easyreefs's phytoplankton, microalgae and zooplankton comes in liquid form, the easyconnect Prof allows the packet to be connected up to a peristaltic to automate dosing.

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