Exo Terra Turtle Clean Water Conditioner

Water conditioner helps convert normal water into Turtle-safe water

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  • Aquatic Turtle water cleaner
  • Reduces organic waster and controls odors
  • Available in two sizes
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Keeping your aquatic turtle's water clean and healthy is half the battle when caring for a hard-shelled reptile, but it's a lot easier with Exo Terra Turtle Clean Water Conditioner.

Your turtle's water is not only the medium in which they move about the tank, but it's their toilet too, and so keeping it clean and conditioned is essential to the health of your turtle. Featuring a formula that conditions the water, minimises the quantity or organic waste and keeps the odour under control, Exo Terra Turtle Clean Water Conditioner helps to maximise the efficiency of your turtle's water filter in a way that doesn't harm your turtle.

  • Reduce and control odours
  • Minimise organic waste
  • Improve filtration efficiency
  • Use recommended weekly dose.
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