Marginal plants are great for encouraging wildlife to the pond and helping to clear.

Here's how to set up a marginal pond plant kit in minutes.

1. Your Complete Kit contains the basket, pond safe aquatic compost, pond plants and gravel.

2. Take the aquatic plant basket out first.

3. Fill the plant basket with the aquatic compost.

4. Remove the aquatic plants from the packaging.

5. Push the water plants and plant roots into the aquatic soil, leaving space between them for growth.

6. Pour the gravel over the top of the pond soil.

7. Spread the pond gravel out. Gravel stops the fish exposing the aquatic plants roots.

8. Place the plant basket on a shelf in the garden pond.

Find out how to set up a floating pond plant kit here. Water lilies, bog plants and other water plants can be potted and placed into a garden pond in the same way. Even a small pond. All pond plants are great for ponds and native plants are available for a wildlife pond.