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  • Waterproof germicidal UV-C torch
  • Easy to use beam kills pests with ease
  • Built-in safety features prevent harm
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What is ITC Reef Delete?

The ITC Reef Delete from ITC Reef Culture is a powerful waterproof germicidal UV-C torch that makes the perfect pest and aquarium maintenance tool. It's designed to help reef aquarium and marine aquarium keepers clear or control harmful and invasive species, such as invasive Xenia, pest Zoanthids, Cyanobacteria, algae, Flatworms, Majano anemones and Star polyps, without resorting to chemicals that remain in the water and affect other organisms, such as corals.
It's easy to use, simply submerge the Reef Delete and point at the pest in your aquarium then press the button to blast it with UV-C light - you cannot overdose Reef Delete so feel free to blast away. Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery and packed full of safety features, including a dive-proof quality CNC Aluminium enclosure, this model is an outstanding way to kill reef aquarium pests.

Why should I buy an ITC Reef Delete reefing tool for pest killing?

If you've ever had an invasive species living in your reef tank you'll know just how hard it is to get rid of them. Reef Delete makes it a breeze. By destroying the DNA of the pest through the use of a powerful UV-C beam, Reef Delete is the ultimate pest control as it causes the target organisms' cells to become unstable and rapidly degrade. Unlike other Aiptasia treatments and Flatworm treatments, it uses no chemicals and causes no damage to your reef by leaving nothing in the water making it invertebrate friendly and reef safe.
There are a number of helpful safety features in the Reef Delete. Unlike chemical treatments, you cannot overdose Reef Delete so you can keep shining the UV-C beam to get the UV-C deep into the target organisms cells causing devastating damage to DNA inside aquarium pests. Another built-in safety feature is the automatic shut off which prevents accidental activation and accidental damage by preventing the UV-C torch from firing outside of the water.

What is a Germicidal UV-C torch and why is it an Aiptasia and pest killer?

This germicidal UV-C torch is the ultimate reefing tool as it uses high-quality custom-made ultra-narrow beam optics, fired through a silica quartz outer lens to create a powerful UV-C beam that helps Reef Delete punch through the defences of pests to destroy DNA within anything living that it is pointed at. By aiming Reef Delete at pests, reefkeepers can get rid of Aiptasia, Cyanobacteria, Flatworms, coral disease, nuisance algae and many other marine and reef pests.

Is the ITC Reef Delete safe for pest and aquarium maintenance?

Yes, ITC Reef Delete has several safety features built in to ensure the safety of both you and your reef. ITC Reef Delete has a built-in shut-off that will not allow it to turn on outside of the water. Reef Delete only fires for a very short amount of time as well, to ensure that there is no chance of overexposure and that only the target organism experiences cataclysmic internal cell damage instead of other soft tissued organisms. With these safety features combined, the Reef Delete is as safe as it is effective.

What comes in the ITC Reef Delete box?

In the box, you will receive the ITC Reef Delete unit as well as safety goggles, a focusing attachment and an instruction manual. The ITC Reef Delete is ready to use out of the box and can be set up with or without the focusing attachment for a wide or fine focus.



Dive-proof quality CNC Aluminium


Invasive Xenia treatment, Zoanthids treatment, Cyanobacteria treatment, algae treatment, Flatworms treatment, Majano anemones treatment and Star polyps treatment

Suitable for

Inhabited reef aquariums and marine aquariums



Silica quartz outer lens?


Rechargeable battery?


Safety Goggles?


UV-C test card?


Waterproof rating

IP68, dive-proof quality CNC Aluminium enclosure

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