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JBL Novo GranoMix 250ml

Highly nutritious fish food, perfect for smaller fish

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  • Easy to dose fish food
  • Rich mix of proteins, carbs, fats and vitamins
  • Floating and sinking particles feed all species
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If you have a mixed aquarium then JBL NovoGranoMix is the ideal food.

A granular mix of highly nutritious particles of fish food provides the best food for small fish. Packed with proteins, fats and carbohydrates as well as trace elements and vitamins. Proteins come from cereals, fish and fish by-products to provide your fish with everything they need to thrive.

Vitamin C has also been added to boost the immune system and resistance to stress and diseases too.

The food separates, with some particles floating on the surface and some sinking, so that all species have a chance to feed. They retain their shape, and produce little waste so that the tank stays cleaner for longer.

The plastic tub has a click food dispenser, one click will deposit enough food for 5 fish of about 6 -15cm in size. The handy lid can be used on other JBL containers to easily dispense food.

Key Features:

  • Proteins from natural sources.
  • Supports healthy immune system.
  • Floating and sinking particles feed all species.
  • Produces little waste and does not cloud the water.
  • Plastic tub keeps food fresher for longer.
  • High Vitamin content strengthens resistance to disease.
  • Krill and other essential ingredients guarantee high acceptability.


Crude protein 38 %, Crude fat 6 %, Crude fibre 4 %, Crude ash 9 %, Phosphorous 0.9 %.

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