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  • Delicious complete feed for Stingrays
  • Highly-digestible, protein-rich formula
  • A range of sizes to stock up on
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Stingray Pellets are a high energy feed for these predatory fish with a balanced vitamin and mineral profile. This diet is easily digested by stingrays without the risk of transferring pathogens associated with feeding live foods. The extremely palatable ingredients ensure a confident feeding response and minimal waste.

  • Protein Rich
  • Highly Palatable
  • Low Waste
  • Available in 175g or 500g


Wheat, Fish Meal, Poultry Meal, Poultry Blood Meal, Maize Gluten, Wheat Gluten, Sunflower Meal, Fish Oil, Lecithin, Yeast Products (Stimmune)

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