Fluval FX Filter Foam

Filter foam for freshwater and marine aquariums

At a glance...
  • 3 x custom made filter foams
  • Excellent first-stage mechanical filtration
  • Two packs to cover the entire FX filter range
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This custom-made filter foam is designed for the FX filter range. The foam pads capture large particles of dirt, waste and grime for effective mechanical filtration. It can be used alongside other forms of chemical and biological filtration for a perfect clean.

This media is designed for the best fit possible so that not a drop of water can miss the filter system. Simply add the filter foam to the media baskets in the canister filter and enjoy fantastic results.
The FX Filter Foam can be used in both freshwater and marine aquariums.

Key Features:

  • Fits the Fluval FX4, FX5 and FX6 External Filters
  • Fits perfectly for the best results
  • Excellent first-stage mechanical filtration
  • 3 foams per box
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