Fluval FX Series Ammonia Remover

Protect your aquarium from ammonia

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  • Ammonia removing filtration media for Fluval FX filters
  • Specifically designed for easy installation
  • Each pack contains 3 sets of filter media
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These Ammonia Remover pads are specifially desgined for Fluval FX series filters, and are most effective at reducing and controlling toxic ammonia spikes. They effectively traps floating particles for clear water (debris, excess food and waste), and are particularly ideal for new and heavily stocked aquariums. They can also be used after medicating fish, to remove any trace of treatment left.

They have a custom fit, to increase filtration efficiency within the FX Series filters, and for best results, they should be replaced monthly, or as required after testing the water, if you notice an ammonia spike.

They come in a convenient 3-pack format, and can be used in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. There is also Phosphate and Nitrite removing pads than can be used alongside these, for maximum efficiency within your filter system.

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