Oase ProfiClear Premium Compact-L EGC - Gravity Fed

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A complete kit, ideal for smaller Koi systems, this gravity fed system can maintain your pond, whilst all being controlled from an app!


  • ProfiClear Premium Compact-L EGC - Gravity Fed
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Product Information

With all the features of the Pump Fed version this filter can also be buried in the ground and fed from a bottom drain. This is the most efficient way to filter the pond and allows the filter to be entirely hidden away. The design of the Proficlear compact is capable of handling ponds up to 140,000 litres.

The ProfiClear Premium Compact-L Gravity Fed Filter is a fully automated filtration system featuring a rotating debris sieve drum which is capable of trapping particles down to 60 microns in size. This level of filtration ensures absolutely crystal clear water clarity.

The ProfiClear Premium Compact-L Gravity can be integrated with the OASE Bitron Gravity 55W UV Clarifier which is mounted directly to the outlet side of the filter. The UVC will eliminate algae and pass it through in a flocculated state for entrapment inside the debris sieves.

Technical Information:

Dimensions (LxWxH)1370 x 891 x 815mm
Cable Length5 + 5m
Guarantee2 + 1 years
Number of Inlets3
Connection InletDN110
Connection toAquaOxy 2000, Bitron Gravity, ProfiClear Moving Bed Modul
Number of Outlets2
Min. Flow Rate10000 l/h
Max. Flow Rate25000
Suitable for Ponds up to Max.140,000 Litres
Suitable for Ponds with Fish Stock70,000 Litres
Suitable for Ponds with Koi35,000 Litres

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