Oase ProfiClear Premium Compact-L EGC - Gravity Fed

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A complete kit, ideal for smaller Koi systems, this pump fed system can maintain your pond, whilst all being controlled from an app!


  • ProfiClear Premium Compact-L EGC - Gravity Fed
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Product Information

With all the features of the Pump Fed version this filter can also be buried in the ground and fed from a bottom drain. This is the most efficient way to filter the pond and allows the filter to be entirely hidden away.

There are basically 2 ways to achieve this. The best way is to use the ProfiClear Classic Pump Chamber which is a box of nearly identical size which connects to the Premium Compact in series. The pumps and the UVs go inside the pump chamber. Water then leaves via a outlet pipe to return to the pond. Or you could use an Aquamax Eco Premium in the pump chamber feeding a hose out to the UV and then to the pond.

Alternatively you can fit an adaptor on the outlet to change this to a 50mm. This can then be attached to a dry mounted pump, like the Aquamax Dry, and the water then pumped through a UV and back to the pond via a hose.

Ideal for Koi ponds of up to 35,000 litres (7,700 gallons), goldfish ponds of up to 70,000 litres (15,400 gallons) and nature ponds of up to 140,000 litres (30,795 gallons).

  • Compact and self-cleaning drum filter units available in both pump and gravity fed versions
  • Premium drum filter and moving bed biological filter
  • High separating capacity through deep bed filtration down to 60 microns
  • New Hel-X 13 media with significantly enlarged surface area for effective decomposition of pollutants
  • New pump chamber for combination with Bitron UV Clarifiers

Dimensions: 1370 x 891 x 815mm
Power Consumption: 5w
Cleaning Power: 1050w
Cable length: 5 + 5m
Net weight: 79.5kg
Guarantee: 3 years
Control Unit: Microcontroller
Temperature Display: Digital
Number of Nozzles: 4
Cleaning Flow Rate: 2.5 l/min
Automatic Self Cleaning: Manually, Sensor, Time Interval
Biological Filter Surface: 57.3m2
Inlets: 3
Inlet Connection: DN110
Outlets: 2
Outlet Connection: DN150
Sludge Discharge: DN75/DN110
Mud Drain: DN110
Max Flow: 25,000lph
Suitable for Ponds up to max: 120,000 litres
Suitable for Ponds with fish (no koi): 60,000 litres
Suitable for Ponds with koi: 30,000 litres
Gravity Fed System
Installation above Water: 12.5cm

Product Specification

Product Size Cable Length Max Pond Size Max LPH Guarantee
Oase ProfiClear Premium Compact-L EGC - Gravity Fed 1370 x 891 x 815mm 5+5m 120,000l 20,000l 3 years

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