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Oase StreamMax Premium Pump

The smart way to create powerful aquarium flows

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  • Premium flow pump for all types of aquariums
  • Can connect with up to five smart devices
  • A range of models to suit all aquariums
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The Oase StreamMax Premium range needs to be used with the StreamMax Pump Controller which means it doesn't come with a plug. Preprogrammed stream profiles can be selected directly on the controller. If you wish to go even further then you can use the Oase Inscenio EGC Controller Cloud alongside the Pump Controller and then simply select the preprogrammed stream profiles, or adjust the stream as desired.

The EAC controller with smart technology can connect up to five devices and can be accessed from anywhere in the world using the Oase Cloud. The pump can be used without the pump controller or the EAC controller.

The StreamMax Premium has so much to offer for a small, quiet and discreet pump and has three sizes available. The pumps come with a strong magnetic holder that firmly fastens the pump to the aquarium. The flow adapter creates wide and narrow flow patterns so that different water movements for fresh and saltwater can be generated.

  2000 Premium 4000 Premium 5000 Premium
Dimensions L:113 x W:60 x H:60mm L:134 x W:68 x H:78mm L:134 x W:68 x H:78mm
Stream Outlet Diameter 37mm 47mm 47mm
Power Consumption 4W 6W 10W
Power Cable Length 3m 3m 3m
Suitable for Pump controller Pump controller Pump controller
Net Weight 0.38kg 0.58kg 0.58kg
Guarantee (+ request guarantee)* 3 + 1 years 3 + 1 years 3 + 1 years
EAC Compatible Yes Yes Yes
Litres Per Hour, Min. 1500l/h 2400l/h 3600l/h
Max. Flow Rate 2000l/h 4000l/h 5000l/h
Suitable for Freshwater or Saltwater Yes Yes


*Guarantee valid under the guarantee conditions of Oase. Can be viewed at

Please note that the Pump Controller or the EAC Controller are not included with this item but can be purchased at Swell UK by clicking on the relevant links.

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