PolypLab Polyp-Booster

Improve your corals' ability to absorb any food source

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  • Concentrated coral feeding nutrition
  • Contains 18 amino-acids and 12 fatty acids
  • Triggers feedings responses
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Polyp-Booster triggers a feeding response in most aquarium inhabitants including corals, inverts, crustaceans and fish in less than 30 seconds. It is easy to use and is a must-have for any low nutrient system at the recommended dosage of half a dropper full for every 60 gallons of saltwater volume. Contains as much as 120ppm of Astaxanthin pigment, from natural sources.

Based on Reef-Roids' proven formula; containing 18 amino acids and 12 fatty acids, Polyp-Booster delivers a broad spectrum of beneficial compounds that will make your corals thrive. This all-in-one nutritional solution has been researched and tested by hundreds of specialists and aquarists from around the world. Polyp-Booster was not designed to target a specific coral or coral colour, it was designed simply to improve the health and vibrancy of all scleractinian corals, by providing superior nutrition.

Polyp-Booster is safe for any type of marine aquarium.

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