Pond Filter Foam

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Filter foam help and advice

Filter even the finest dirt particles

Filter foams are designed to collect all the dirt, muck and grime that passes through your filter. There are various forms of filter foam for different purposes. Some packs contain 3 pieces of different grades to filter out even the smallest particles of sand and dirt. Simply choose the size you need and cut to fit if needed. Foam can be used repeatedly and can simply be washed in pond water between uses to remove a build-up of sludge and grime.

What is filter foam?

Filter foam is a porous material similar to a sponge that allows water to permeate through it while keeping out dirt particles. Filter foam is put within a filter and its thickness will determine the size of dirt and debris that gets back into your water. Many filter pumps have multiple layers of filter foam to further remove dirt and debris.

Why should I buy filter foam?

If you own a filter pump you probably received some sort of filter foam included in the filter set when you bought it (it may have even been installed already). However, different ponds require different types of foam and you may find that your filter is underperforming as a lot of fine particles are making their way back into your water. To ensure complete filtration, you will need a denser filter foam. You may have also recently taken your pump apart for cleaning and realised that the filter foam within the filter is damaged and ready to be replaced.

What are the main types of filter foam?

Filter foam is generally separated by how dense it is. In most cases, you want a very porous filter foam over a very dense filter foam to protect the dense filter foam and ensure it will last as long as possible.

What features should you look out for when buying filter foam?

When buying filter foam it's all about looking at the thickness and durability of the foam. Generally, the more you're willing to pay the more durable your foam will be. It's also worth looking at the size of foam you'll need and if there's a specific foam made for your filter to ensure the foam you get is compatible and the right shape.