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Swell Round Filter Mats

Filter mats for providing superb levels of mechanical filtration

At a glance...
  • Round filter mats suitable for round pond filter systems
  • Coarse, fine and medium grade foams
  • Three sizes available
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Swell Round Filter Mats are suitable for round pond filter systems and vortex systems. These foams are made to the same high quality as the brand names, but because they are part of Swell's own brand range offer great savings on price, without compromising quality.

Each foam is created to a different grade:

  • Black = coarse grade for larger particles of waste
  • Blue = medium grade for the smaller pieces of waste
  • Green = fine to strain away the tiniest particles of grime

Each foam has a central hole and slit to allow easy installation. The unique dimpled surface ensures maximum exposure to the media and therefore a more thorough clean.

Sizes in diameter:

  • 11"
  • 18"
  • 22.5"
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