Swell Filter Wadding

Provides effortless filtration

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  • 2" thick filter wadding
  • Catches smaller particles of waste and grime that escape
  • Three sizes available
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Finer particles of waste and grime can be removed easily with Swell's Filter Wadding. At 2" (5cm) thick, it will provide effortless filtration for the best results.

It's ideally placed in a pond filter after thicker types of media, and catches the smaller particles of waste and grime that escape. As it is available in a variety of sizes, it can be cut to size easily, for the perfect fit. Sold as singles.

The wadding can be washed and reused as required, and should be replaced after 3-4 washes to maintain the best filtration. As part of our branded range, the Filter Wadding performs just as well, if not better than other leading brands so not only do you get a perfect product, it's always at the perfect price!


  • 11 x 17"
  • 18 x 25"
  • 21 x 43"

Sold as singles.

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