Swell Pond Liners

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Get your pond off to the best start

Swell UK offer a range of incredible pond liners. We use our years of industry experience to create some of the highest quality products available on the market.

What is a Swell Pond Liner?

A pond liner is a large piece of specialist fabric that's laid in the hole dug for a pond to protect the ground from the pond water and vice versa. Overall it ensures that the pond doesn't drain. Most pond liners are UV-resistant, however, they will require a suitable pond underlay to ensure they aren't punctured by any rocks or roots.

Why should I buy a Swell Pond Liner?

A good quality pond liner is an essential part of any pond. It forms a watertight barrier that retains pond water and stops it from seeping into the surrounding earth while also helping to avoid unwanted plants from taking up residence. Additionally, It can help to ensure that your pond water stays crystal clear. Investing in a good pond liner is the first step to creating fantastic ponds and water gardens.

What are the main types of Swell Pond Liner?

The big divide in Swell Pond Liners is the material they're made from including HDPE and PVC. Each material has different properties, some are more flexible while others are more durable. It's important to know what you're looking for as you make your decision between the various liners in our range.

What features should you look out for when buying Swell Pond Liners?

Past the material your pond liner is made from, there's little to consider when buying a liner. Ensure that the liner is the right size using our pond liner calculator, pick up some suitable underlay of the same size to protect your liner and you'll be all set.