Pontec PondoSolar Air 150 Plus

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The Pontec PondoSolar Air 150 Plus Air Pump allows you to quickly and easily add oxygen into your pond, without the cables!


  • PondoSolar Air 150 Plus
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Product Information

Featuring the lastest battery technology (3.7 V 2000 mAH LI-ion), as well as a solar panel, this ensures you can add oxygen directly to your pond, making your water healthier, and fish and other inhabitants happier!

Complete with 2m of air hose, and an air stone to get you started, this can generate up to 80l per hour through the single air stone. There are 3 mode settings to choose from, to ensure the right setting for your set up.

  • Direct Daylight Mode: the pump will only operate when in sufficient sunlight, and any surplus power will be stored in the rechargable battery.
  • Charge Only Mode: the pump is off, and the battery will charge to capacity
  • Night Running Mode: the pump will switch on automatically at darkness, and is powered by the battery alone. At sufficient sunlight in the morning, the pump will switch off, and the battery will start to charge.

What's Included?

  • PondoSolar Air 150 Plus
  • 1 Air stone
  • 2m of Air Pipe
  • Solar Panel
  • Ground Spike
  • Wall Bracket

Pontec PondoSolar 150 Plus Features
• 3.7 V 2000 mAH LI-ion rechargeable battery
• 1w solar panel
• 80lph 6V air pump
• 2 year guarantee

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