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Reef Factory KH Keeper Plus

Automated KH testing made easy via the Smart Reef WiFi app

At a glance...
  • Automated KH Testing
  • User friendly management and configuration for KH Accuracy
  • Compatible with the Smart Reef app

What is the Reef Factory KH Keeper Plus?

The Reef Factory KH Keeper Plus is an essential piece of Reef Factory equipment designed for monitoring Alkalinity (KH) in any reef aquarium. The Reef Factory KH Keeper Plus is built with top of the range high quality components to monitor your KH status. Using the Smart Reef app, the KH status is clearly displayed to test the Alkalinity levels in your aquarium. The Reef Factory KH Keeper Plus includes a full size PH Probe. Additionally, the model also provides you with more space for setting up and calibrating the unit in comparison to the standard KH Keeper model.

Reef Factory assures compatibility with the Smart Reef App, recommended throughout the marine aquarium industry. The Smart Reef app is available to download on Google Play Store, Apple's App Store, as well as for PC and MAC. This application provides advanced control while maintaining user-friendly simplicity.

How do you use the Reef Factory KH Keeper Plus?

Once successfully installed, the Reef Factory KH Keeper Plus measures water directly from the aquarium to measure the Alkalinity levels. Reef keepers can struggle with retaining a consistent level of KH in their aquarium. Therefore, using the Reef Factory KH Keeper Plus is best advised to deliver correct readings of your KH levels.

The Reef Factory KH Keeper Plus provides accuracy when testing the KH level in your aquarium. When testing, the KH Keeper will send you a notification to your device of choice in the event of a rapid drop in Alkalinity levels. In such cases, it will perform up to 2 Alkalinity tests to confirm the reading for further accuracy.

Smart Reef System Management is ideal to test alkalinity. When paired with the Reef Factory dosing pumps (sold separately), the KH Keeper Plus will make corrections to your aquarium water using the connected pumps. It utilises the test results to automatically adjust the dosing schedule, making it a breeze to maintain parameters as your aquarium grows and consumes more.

This feature is also compatible with calcium reactors and third-party pumps when used with the Reef Factory Power Switcher (sold separately).

Additionally, the KH Keeper is equipped with an LED signal feature, allowing you to easily monitor your levels. A green LED indicates the KH range is safe, whereas a red LED indicates that it is outside the set range. During the testing process, the LED will turn blue. Furthermore, the Smart Reef app retains the KH results from one day to one year, ensuring that you have access to past data for comparison purposes when required. No central Computer required for advanced control.

Measurements are documented using a Reef Factory Reagent to work with the KH Keeper Plus. It is best recommended to follow the Reagent mix ratio: 1L Reagent for every 9L of RO water.

Accuracy WiFi Compatible? Smart Reef App Compatible? Dimensions
+/- 0.01 dKh. Yes Yes 90x106x210mm
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