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Seachem SeaGel is a mixture of two of Seachem's most loved products - MatrixCarbon and PhosGuard, helping to remove a wider range of pollutants and discolourants from your water than ever before. A one-hit-wonder show of aquarium cleaning power - your water can really benefit from this stuff!


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Product Information

SeaGel from Seachem combines two super products MatrixCarbon and PhosGuard, which work together to remove pollutants, colorants and phosphates from the water.

MatrixCarbon removes all traces of treatment residue and organic and colour impurities which can taint and add odours to the water.

PhosGuard works to remove phosphates and silicates, to avoid the risk of algae growth which can cause water problems and look unsightly.

Thanks to the unique spherical shape of the beads, the water is exposed to as much of the treatment as possible, which makes for a beautifully clean, clear healthy aquarium.

Both Matrix and Phosguard are bead shaped so water can flow and penetrate easily and the components are ideal for reef and marine use.


  • Use 500 ml for each 300-450l (80-120 gallons).
  • Use in a filter bag. Rinse in freshwater before use.
  • Use caution, SeaGel will fizz and heat on initial wetting.
  • Product will work for around 3-4 months.
  • Can used in freshwater that is not phosphate buffered.

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    Date 12/01/2018 09:01am
    Seachem SeaGel 500ml
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    Fast delivery good product
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    Seachem SeaGel 500ml
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    Great product, fast results
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    Date 26/03/2016 18:03pm
    Seachem SeaGel 500ml
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    Quality product. Long time user.
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    Seachem SeaGel 500ml
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    Seachem SeaGel 100ml
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