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  • Perfect for all reef aquariums and suitable for beginners
  • Grows to max size of ~10cm
  • Requires a minimum tank size of 70, more for a pair
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The Snowflake Clownfish is named after the irregular and unusual white markings on its body, whilst maintaining the classic recognisable appearance and colour patterns of a clownfish, these clownfish stand out due to each one having such different patterns in their white markings, making them truly unique, like a snowflake. The intricate patterning on this clownfish is very desirable among reef keepers, as their unusual appearance really enhances your marine tank. These fish are hardy by nature, and quite adaptable, and while it is always recommended to maintain the best conditions possible for all your marine fish, these fish are more tolerant of occasional beginner errors, making them highly sought after. These fish are also peaceful and reef safe, and have entertaining and lively personalities, making them a fantastic choice to keep in your aquarium.

Scientific name Amphiprion ocellaris
Max size 8cm
Minimum Tank size 70 litres
Coral Safe? Yes
Invertebrate Safe? Yes
Care level? Beginner
Group Size? Best in pairs
Dietary Requirements Omnivorous
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