Swell Glass Algae Cleaning Pad

An essential cleaning brush for all aquarium keepers

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  • Versatile cleaning brush for all kinds of aquariums
  • Soft cleaning pad effective against stubborn algae
  • 32cm-long ergonomic plastic handle
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Our Swell Glass Algae Cleaning Pad strikes a great balance between value and performance. Its soft pad design makes it a great tool for removing any grime or algae from the inside surfaces of your aquariums. It can also be used to clean aquarium decorations.

It's not exactly glamorous, but cleaning is an essential part of maintaining an aquarium. This Swell Glass Algae Cleaning Pad makes that process quick and easy, thanks to its long, ergonomic plastic handle that allows you to access almost all areas of your aquarium.

These kinds of cleaning pads won't last forever, so be sure to stock up on some replacement pads specially designed for use with this Swell Glass Algae Cleaning Pad. To replace an old pad, just remove the plastic washer and unfold it from the head of the brush's handle. You can then fold over a new pad and re-attach the plastic washer to lock everything back into place.


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Product Handle Length Pad Included
Swell Glass Algae Cleaning Pad 32cm Yes
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