Swell Aquarium Soil Bag

The perfect choice for aquascaping and aquarium plants

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  • Fine mesh bag to hold aquarium soil
  • Prevents aquarium soil from mixing with your sand substrate
  • Helps keep the substrate cleaner and allows the soil to be re-used
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A great addition to any aquascape. Easy to use and durable.

What is an aquarium soil bag?

The Swell Aquarium Soil Bag is designed to hold aquarium soil in place, keeping it separate from other substrates like sand and gravel. The bag is made from a fine mesh that prevents aqua soil from escaping or bleeding into your other substrates, which can look unsightly. The bags can also hold other substrates like peat and compost separating them from the rest of your aquarium. The bag features a zip opening and can easily be buried during aquascaping.

What is aquarium soil?

Aquarium soil is a specially designed substrate designed to support plant growth and development in aquatic plants. It helps to give aquatic plants stability, as the plants' roots can find firm ground to grip. This soil can also house beneficial bacteria, which will help, along with proper water circulation through an external or canister filter, to purify the water within your aquarium, removing harmful chemicals. Aquatic soils can also see lots of aquarium use during aquatic gardening, like holding root tabs and stimulating some fish.

Why should I buy an aquarium soil bag?

A common problem for many aquascapers and aquatic gardeners is the unsightly 'bleeding' of aquatic soil into the rest of their substrate, causing discolouration. This aquarium soil bag prevents the blending of each substrate layer while allowing the flow of water through the soil, enriching it with key nutrients while leaving your aquarium looking its best. The substrate bags can also be filled with lava rock or Alfagrog and used to bulk up the substrate and cut down on soil costs.

How do I set up an aquarium soil bag in my fish tank?

Aquarium soil can be placed into the Swell Aquarium Soil Bags and then laid on the floor of the tank, where you can blend it in by covering it with soil. You'll still get the benefits of the substrate, but the bag prevents easy mixing of the substrates, so the tank stays cleaner and you can re-use the substrate bags of soil in future aquascapes. You'll need several substrate bags, depending on the size of your aquascape.



Dimensions 10" x 12"
Opening Zip
Colour White
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