Swell Barley Straw Essence

Safe and fast-acting green water treatment

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  • Barley straw essence for treating green pond water
  • 100% organic algae growth prevention
  • Treats 22,500 litres/4,950 gallons
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This product clears blanketweed from ponds while protecting fish and pond plants.

What is the Swell Barley Straw Essence?

Swell Barley Straw Essence is a green water treatment for all pond types that controls and prevents algae growth and blanketweed. Safe for fish, pets and wildlife, Barley Straw Essence works by producing harmless chemical signals that cause algae growth to halt in your pond. Available in an easy to dose bottle, this solution will treat up to 22,500 litres of water, leaving your pond water crystal clear.

What are the benefits of this green water treatment?

Swell Barley Straw Essence is a 100% organic liquid that is the perfect solution to keeping your pond water clear. This green water treatment helps to neutralise and clear green water and blanketweed. The natural extract works faster than using actual barley straw and works by actively starving algae to ensure that unsightly algae do not ruin the enjoyment of your pond. This pond treatment does not contain hydrogen peroxide, parabens or any active substances making it completely safe for all pond life.

Directions for use:

Swell Barley Straw Essence will treat 22,500 (4,950 gallons) of pond water at a dose rate of 10ml per 225 litres (50 gallons). Simply shake the bottle, remove the safety cap, squeeze it to fill measure, and pour it into your pond. Repeat weekly as necessary.

Bottle size 1 litre
Treats 22,500 litres/4,950 gallons
Suitable for All pond types
Fish and pet safe Yes
Pond plant safe Yes
Wildlife safe Yes
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