Swell Carbon Foam

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Swell Carbon foam can be used inyour tank or pond filter to quickly absorb and remove dangerous pollutants from the water which your bio filter may be struggling with. If things get tough, this is the filter media to sort it all out.


  • Carbon Foam 11x17in
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  • Carbon Foam 17x24in
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Product Information

Carbon is a popular form of chemical filter media that neutralises odours, taints and residues of medication and other treatments. It is comaptible with a wide range of pond filters from popular brands.

Our Carbon Foam is available in three sizes and can easily be cut to fit your pond filter unit perfectly. Made to a high standard it forms part of a multi stage filtration unit, following mechanical and biological filter media.

As the water passes through the durable foam, molecules are trapped in the dense material which leaves just clean, fresh water. All of our own brand products are made to a superb standard and perform just as well if not better than other brands, and as they are always at a fantastic price, you get the best deal!


  • 11 x 17"
  • 18 x 25"
  • 21 x 43"

It's important to remove carbon media if you are administering medication or other treatments.

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    Date 03/07/2020 11:07am
    Swell Carbon Foam 11x17in
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    Date 20/07/2016 15:07pm
    Swell Carbon Foam 18x25in
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    Swell Carbon Foam 11x17in
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