Swell Control Sludge and Blanketweed (combo pack)

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Treat your pond this summer and rid it of blanketweed and sludge. The two treatments work hand in hand as the blanketweed treatments kills off the blanketweed and the sludge control will degrade the dead blanketweed making it easier for your pump and filter to clean the pond of it.


  • Control Sludge and Blanketweed (combo pack)
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Product Information

Swell Control Blanketweed:

This formulation contains beneficial pond bacteria which are ideal for use in koi ponds and water garden ponds. This provides a 2-in-1 formulation approach to pond maintenance. The special combination of bacteria in Control Blanketweed help reduce nitrate and phosphate levels, aid the break-down of bottom sludge and odours and help to make the water less murky.

Swell Control Sludge:

Sludge is a build up of biological waste from fish, plants and other pond debris. It can result in very poor water conditions which affect the various life forms within. The beneficial bacteria from each nugget will then aid in the breakdown of the organic material that causes the sludge.

Key Features:

  • Water soluble nuggets / sachets completely harmless to fish and pond livestock
  • 6 x Sachets / nuggets treats (27,300 Litres / 6,000 Gallons)
  • Apply 1 x sachet / nugget per 4546 litres /1000 gallons of water
  • Easy to use, high value product
  • No measuring required

Each packet can treat ponds up to 6000 gallons (26,280 litres) as each sachet / nugget treats up to 1000 gallons (4550 Litres) with 6 in a pack.

Latest Customer Reviews

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    Date 09/08/2019 07:08am
    Swell Control Sludge and Blanketweed (combo pack)
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    Just as they offered. Delivered on time.
  • Rating
    Date 19/04/2019 18:04pm
    Swell Control Sludge and Blanketweed (combo pack)
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    Pond is clear blanket weed under control brilliant
  • Rating
    Date 06/04/2018 16:04pm
    Swell Control Sludge and Blanketweed (combo pack)
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    Products seem to do the job well