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  • Heavy duty pond catch net
  • Made for strong, lightweight aluminium
  • Pole can be used with a variety of heads
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Best pole and net I have ever had. This will last!

What is the Swell Heavy Duty Catch Net?

The Swell Heavy Duty Catch Net is one of our high-quality pond fish nets that has been specially designed for catching and moving fish for observation and care. If this is your first time buying fish nets, this is a good choice as it can double as a skimmer net for pond maintenance - making it an outstanding piece of pond equipment. The 3m telescopic handle is another one of our quality products, with an aluminium shaft that makes it much more stable than many pond nets and offers a good range across your entire pond when water gardening. Another of the many benefits of the extendable handle is that it can be used with a wide variety of net heads from our heavy-duty range.

Why should I remove debris from my pond?

You must take debris like leaves and sticks out of your pond as they can damage your filters. Natural debris can also contain algae that will develop into a more significant problem for your pond and, in the worse cases, make it uninhabitable.




Lightweight aluminium





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