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Swell Live Mysis Shrimp

Nutritious live Mysis shrimp for aquarium fish

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Mysis shrimp are a great choice for marine fish that are struggling to feed. They are packed full of protein so they are very nutritious.

What are Swell Live Mysis Shrimp?

Swell Live Mysis Shrimp are 100ml packs of Mysis shrimp to be used as fish food for all medium-sized coldwater, tropical and marine fish. Live Mysis shrimp are often put forward as the best marine fish food for Seahorses, next to enriched Brine shrimp, as even finicky aquarium fish will prey upon them with an energetic feeding response, unlike with frozen food and some other live food.

Are live Mysis shrimp good for fish?

Mysis shrimps make excellent food, extremely high in protein and with a naturally higher fatty acid content than many other live foods. A regular diet will result in well-developed fish, however, we do recommend pairing it with good dried fish food (if your fish will accept it), to ensure your fish are getting the vitamins and nutrients they require.

Which fish eat Mysis shrimp?

Live Mysis shrimp are the best thing to feed seahorses and pipefish, and are key to success with many seahorse species as it's what they feed on in the wild. Difficult to feed wild-caught tropical and marine fish may also accept live Mysis shrimp, as well as a whole host of coldwater, temperate, tropical and marine fish species.

How do I serve Mysis shrimp?

To serve your Mysis shrimp you will need to remove them from the pack they are in by filtering them through a fine net. Once you have a net full of shrimps you can simply dump them in your aquarium and your fish will start to feed.

Livefood food is despatched directly from the supplier the same day if you order before 12pm and the next day if you order after 12pm. Livefood is delivered Monday to Thursday on a next working day delivery service. Livefood is not suitable for express delivery.



Species Mysida
Suitable for Marine, cold water and tropical


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Swell Live Mysis Shrimp 100ml 4 pack 4
Swell Live Mysis Shrimp 100ml 10 pack 10
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