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Swell Live River Shrimp

High-quality live River shrimp for freshwater and marine fish

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  • Nutritious River Shrimp livefood full of essential proteins
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River shimps make a great meal for larger predatory fish, they are full of protein and always popular.

What are Swell Live River Shrimp?

Swell Live River Shrimp are packs of approximately 8 high-protein river shrimps that can be fed to predatory fish in coldwater, tropical and marine fish tanks. Feeding live River shrimp to your fish will help to encourage natural feeding behaviours, unlike dried and frozen food. Keeping River shrimp is also an option if you need to store them for some time as they are easy to feed and care for.

Are live River shrimp good for fish?

River shrimps are a nutritious food for many fish and contain a lot of protein as well as some other key nutrients. They are a great choice for stimulating fish too as your fish will be able to hunt them in larger freshwater and marine tanks. If you are intending on feeding shrimp as a staple diet we recommend pairing them with a supplemental livefood to ensure your fish get everything they need.

Which fish eat River shrimp?

River shrimp are the perfect live fish food for pufferfish, large cichlids, lionfish, hawkfish, tigerfish, gars, leaf fish, snakeheads, frog fish and others.  

How do I store River shrimp?

River shrimps are a brackish species, the easiest way to ensure that they survive longer is by keeping them in cold water with about 10-15g of sea salt. They can be fed on algae and will happily keep in salt water for a few weeks.

Livefood food is despatched directly from the supplier the same day if you order before 12pm and the next day if you order after 12pm. Livefood is delivered Monday to Thursday on a next working day delivery service.



Species Gammarus pulex
Suitable for Marine, cold water and tropical


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Swell Live River Shrimp 100ml 1
Swell Live River Shrimp 100ml 4 pack 4
Swell Live River Shrimp 100ml 10 pack 10
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