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Swell Live Daphnia

High-quality live Daphnia for freshwater and tropical fish

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  • Nutritious Daphnia livefood full of essential proteins
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Daphnia are brilliant, they encourage fussy fish to eat and give your fish plenty of nutrition.

What is Swell Live Daphnia?

Swell Live Daphnia are 100ml airtight packs of Daphnia to be used as live fish food for coldwater and tropical freshwater fish. Live Daphnia, sometimes called Water fleas, are filter feeders that will consume green water in fishless wildlife ponds, or offer a tasty meal to freshwater aquarium fish. A Daphnia culture can even develop in an unfiltered, fishless pond, clearing water naturally and providing food for amphibians and other wildlife.

Are live Daphnia good for fish?

Daphnia are a high-protein meal for fish similar to Brine shrimp. They are particularly good for getting fish to eat as, unlike dried or frozen food, they naturally encourage feeding behaviours. However, we do recommend that if you are going to use Daphnia as a staple food, you also pair it with dry food to ensure your fish receive a beneficial and well-rounded diet.

Which fish eat Daphnia?

All tropical and coldwater freshwater fish will eat Daphnia, from tetras and gouramies to guppies, angelfish, rasboras, rainbowfish, danios and cichlids. Goldfish eat Daphnia too and a diet of live bloodworm and Daphnia may help to prevent swim bladder issues in Fancy goldfish. 

How do I store Daphnia?

Daphnia will arrive fresh and ready to be fed to your pets, simply dump the Daphnia into your tank during feeding and your fish will take care of the rest. If you don't want to feed all your Daphnia to your pets at once, you can also store them somewhere dark with a low temperature, where they should survive for a couple of days until you need them.

Livefood food is despatched directly from the supplier the same day if you order before 12pm and the next day if you order after 12pm. Livefood is delivered Monday to Thursday on a next working day delivery service. Livefood is not suitable for express delivery.



Species Daphnia
Suitable for Freshwater and tropical


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Swell Live Daphnia 100ml 1
Swell Live Daphnia 100ml 4 pack 4
Swell Live Daphnia 100ml 10 pack 10
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