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SAVE UP TO £16 on your order - SEE CODES. >

Swell Premium Activated Carbon

An incredible chemical filtration media

At a glance...
  • Chemical filtration media for pond filters
  • Free-floating media suitable for most filters
  • Available in two sizes for both aquariums and ponds
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The Swell Premium Carbon Filter Media can be used with any external aquarium filters and any pond filters. We advised to replace it every 8 weeks from your filter to ensure maximum efficiency.

This premium carbon can adsorb much more impurities from your water than most carbons on the market today and at a much lower cost. It's important to remove carbon media when administering a treatment to ensure the best results.

It sits inside a zip mesh bag which means you will only have to replace the carbon once you have purchased the bag.

Available in two sizes:-

Small bags - 20x30cm (800g)

Large bags - 30x30cm (1.5kg)

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