Swell Digital Thermometer with probe

A compact thermometer with an easy-to-read LCD display

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  • Digital thermometer with easy-to-read LCD screen
  • Submersible temperature probe gives accurate readings
  • Comes with LR44 button battery
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This Swell Digital Thermometer with probe is a great way to measure temperatures inside your aquarium. It comes preassembled with an easy-to-read LCD screen and a submersible temperature probe attached to the end of a 98cm-long wire.

To install this thermometer, just place the submersible temperature probe inside your aquarium and attach it to a glass surface using the suction cup provided. Place the LCD screen in a dry area, away from any splash zones. As soon as you turn it on, your thermometer will start reading accurate temperatures up to one decimal place.

This Swell Digital Thermometer with probe is designed for tropical and marine tanks where maintaining a set and stable temperature is of paramount importance. This compact thermometer, with its long, easy-to-install probe, will provide you with constant, accurate readings and let you know whenever you need to turn your aquarium heater up or down.


Product Specifications

Product Dimensions Wire Length Suction Cup Provided Battery Provided
Swell Digital Thermometer with probe 57 x 11 x 37mm 98cm Yes Yes
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