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Swell Seaweed with Garlic - BOGOF

The perfect treat for all grazing marine fish

At a glance...
  • Garlic and brown seaweed sheets
  • High protein, fat and fibre
  • Suitable for all grazing fish
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Swell Marine Algae (Seaweed) is the perfect treat for all grazing marine fish, such as Tangs, Angelfish, and Damsel fish.

A pure, natural product, seaweed is a rich source of protein to support healthy growth and development in marine fish. Garlic extract has also been added to promote a healthy appetite and encourage even the pickiest fish to eat.

Garlic is also a great extract to support a strong immune system and boost your fish's resistance to stress and disease.

There are two options to choose from:

  • For higher protein choose Green Seaweed
  • For a higher fat and fibre content choose Brown Seaweed

12g pack consists of 4 sheets. Simply tear off the piece you need and feed as required.


  • Dried seaweed
  • Garlic extract
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