NT Labs Marine Anti-Parasite

A fast-acting anti-parasite copper treatment

At a glance...
  • Anti-parasite chemical treatment for marine aquariums
  • Combats coral disease and marine white spot
  • 100ml pack treats 400 litres of aquarium water
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NT Labs Marine Anti-Parasite should be used when white, sugar grain-sized spots covering the body indicate marine white spot (Cryptocaryon), while finer white spots are symptoms of marine velvet (Oodinium). Both are protozoan parasite diseases and may cause the fish to rub themselves against rocks or other aquarium décor.

Anti-Parasite uses the tried-and-tested method of chelated copper therapy, boosted by the power of formalin to rapidly control these dangerous parasites. Anti-Parasite is a great choice for fish-only systems or hospital aquariums.

100ml pack treats 400 litres over 12 days.

How to use:

  • Check water quality using Marine Lab Test Kits before use.
  • Remove adsorbent filtration media (activated carbon, phosphate remover) from filters for the treatment period.
  • Turn off UV filtration and/or ozone generators if present.
  • Turn off protein skimmer for a minimum of two hours after each application. Maintain good aeration throughout.
  • Use provided pipette to measure required dose and slowly add dose to aquarium.
  • Use table provided to log progress of treatment.

Please Note:

Contains copper.
Do not use where invertebrates (corals, shrimp, snails etc) or live rock are present.
Do not use with copper-sensitive species.
Do not carry out water changes during course, unless to resolve a water quality problem.

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