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A great way to support tadpoles as they grow

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  • Complete feed for tadpoles
  • Formulated to meet the needs of each tadpole age group
  • A range of feeds to suit tadpoles of all ages
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Tadpoles have big changes to get through at the very start of their life. Their first 6 weeks are spent as complete vegetarians, spending all their time at the bottom of the pond. Our first stage food is a sinking pellet, meaning it should get straight to the little tadpoles, and provides them with exactly what they need to get started.

After 6 weeks old, when the tadpoles are starting to develop their back legs, their dietary requirements will change, to become almost completely carnivorous! This change in diet means this is a very unstable period for them, and they are particularly weak. This protein rich food provides over 43% Insect and Crustacean meal, giving them that meaty diet that they really need.

Our Complete Tadpole Diets are 80g tubs, and should be fed in small quantities regularly throughout the day to ensure optimum nutrition. Available in single tubs of either Hatchling Diet, for the first 6 weeks of tadpoles life, or 6 Week + Diet, designed to be fed from 6 weeks old onwards. Or grab a great deal and get the complete diet for a great reduced price!

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