Swell Coconut Half Cave

A natural coconut fish shelter for a variety of aquariums

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  • Natural fish shelter for freshwater and tropical aquariums
  • Ideal for blackwater and biotope setups
  • May need to be boiled or soaked to remove buoyancy
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This natural Coconut half is a great hide to use in aquariums, ideal for small cichlids, invertebrates or any other breeding species that may utilise it, or even just as a piece of natural decor.

This looks great when used alongside other natural decoration, such as leaf litter and pods, adding to a great biotope theme, or even with fake plants to just add a touch of natural. The functionality of the cave is useful for so many species, you may find you need a few to prevent arguments!

These comes with a rough outer shell, and are real natural pieces of coconut, so each will vary slightly in shape, size and colouration. They are approximately 11cm x 6cm, and you may find they need to boil or pre-soak in order to help with reducing buoyancy and ensuring they sink, though burying them into substrate can help with weighing them down.

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