TMC AquaRay MMS Spiral Cable Wrap

Tidy and organise your lighting unit cables

At a glance...
  • Four metre narrow cable that allows you to keep cables tidy
  • For use with the TMC AquaRay and AquaBeam Light units
  • Made from a tough but flexible material
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The AquaRay MMS Spiral Cable Wrap the must-have accessory for use with the TMC MMS Rail. This four metre cable is made from a robust material and is designed to coil around your lose cables to make them neat and tidy. The material is readily flexible and in addition to making the area around your fish tank much neater it also makes it safer by reducing the risk of catching or tripping on the wires.

Box Content:

  • 4m cable.
  • Flexible narrow cable.
  • Can tidy and organise cables for your TMC AquaRay & AquaBeam Lighting units.
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