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Tropica CO2 System Bio Refill

CO2 activator refill to recharge your Tropica CO2 System Bio

At a glance...
  • Replacement CO2 activator to fit Tropica CO2 System Bio
  • Provides an additional 60 days fo CO2 for aquariums
  • Easy to install and replace
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This CO2 refill bottle is designed to fit the Tropica CO2 System Bio and is excellent in helping plants flourish in planted aquariums.

What is Tropica CO2 System Bio Refill?

Tropica CO2 System Bio Refill is a CO2 replenishment with activator refill for Tropica CO2 System Bio. It offers a simple way to add extra CO2 to your aquarium for an additional 60 days. Easy to install and replace, this CO2 refill is required approximately every two weeks or when CO2 production has dropped to five bubbles per minute.

What are the benefits of using a CO2 refill bottle?

CO2 bottles are possibly the most cost-effective method for adding CO2 to aquariums. Having the right CO2 levels in a planted freshwater aquarium is crucial for healthy plant growth. CO2 bottles provide just the right amount of carbon dioxide to your planted aquarium for lush growth and beautiful results.

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