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At a glance...
  • Natural lava rock media for pond filters
  • Offers mechanical and biological filtration
  • Free-floating rock should be bagged for filtration
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The coarse structure of this chemically purified filter lava chunks makes it a particularly suitable as biological filter substrate for all kind of pond filters. In the many pores of the porous material, many billions of micro-organisms will develop. It cares for an optimum cleaning of the pond water.

Lava Rock contains a range of chemical elements including magnesium, calcium, iron potassium and manganese. This type of rock is characterised by its low weight compared to its volume.

A 5000ml bucket of Velda Pond Filter Lava is sufficient for 3000l pond water. Fill the Lava into the filter net, which is also included, flush it with water several times and finally fill it into your filter system.

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