Swell Mesh Filter Bag

The perfect aquarium filter media bags for your aquascape

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  • Mesh filter bag for holding filter media
  • Built-in secure zipper
  • A variety of sizes to choose from
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I think Swell offer great value for money. It's my go-to aquatic shop. They are really quick to deliver too.
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What is the Swell Mesh Filter Bag?

The Swell Mesh Filter Bag is our range of durable filter media bags for aquarium filters. Each of these polyester filter bags is designed to allow water to pass through it and the media within it while offering some mechanical filtration. All of the bags in this range come with a drawstring, so your desired media doesn't fall out and clog up the filter compartment.

The media bags can also be partially filled to be used in small spaces if you have a small fish tank and filter system. When fully filled, the filter media bags are well suited for sump and large aquarium use.

What is the difference between these aquarium filter media bags?

This range is split into two different grades of mesh; fine mesh and coarse mesh. The coarse-grade media bag is ideal for use with biological filtration media, such as bio balls, either plastic or ceramic, and other larger items, like charcoal or alfagrog. The finer-grade mesh bags are better suited to smaller media such as activated carbon or zeolite.



Brand Swell


Product SKU Density Dimensions
Mesh Filter Media Bag 30x45cm - 4mm SWLA0640 4mm 30x45cm
Mesh Filter Media Bag 30x45cm - 2mm SWLA0641 2mm 30x45cm
Mesh Filter Media Bag 45x60cm - 4mm SWLA0642 4mm 45x60cm
Mesh Filter Media Bag 45x60cm - 2mm SWLA0643 2mm 45x60cm
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