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Aquarium Filter Media Bags

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Help and advice on shopping for: Aquarium Filter Media Bags

Keep your filter media neat and tidy

Filter bags keep all of your loose filter media in one place to protect your filter pump. They're cheap, yet essential gear for any fish tank owner. Our range of filter media includes products from top brands like Fluval, Red Sea and Swell.

What is a media bag?

To ensure the smooth running of any fish tank filter, it needs to include filter media so that any dirt and waste removed from the aquarium doesn't go straight back into the tank or continue to pollute the water. New filter media is added in media bags, small mesh sealed bags, which are then placed in the fish tank. Media bags themselves also have a role in the filtering process - removing the largest pieces of material from the water before it reaches the filter media.

Why should I buy a media bag?

Media bags are essential for adding filter media to your filter pump, and without filter media, there's no filtration and your tank will quickly become dangerous for your fish. Media bags are low-cost but durable, you're unlikely to need to buy more than a few in a lifetime, and a necessary purchase for every fishkeeper.

What are the main types of media bags?

Our range of media bags includes mesh bags and filter socks. Mesh bags sit in the filter pump, holding filter media and allowing water to pass through them. On the other hand, filter socks are used on water after it has left the filter pump but before it reenters to the tank to filter it further.

What should I look for?

When choosing a media bag, ensure that it can hold the amount of filter media you're buying - most filter bags have a maximum capacity to give you an idea if they are suitable or not. It may be worth checking the material and sealing method on the bag to ensure the product you buy is durable. In the case of filter socks, check that you will be able to fit them in your filtration system and that they are suitable for the flow rate in your tank.