Oase BioStyle Cartridge Booster

An empty cartridge for additional filtration

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  • Empty filter media cartridge for additional aquarium filtration
  • Ensures the highest level of water quality and aquarium filtration
  • Suitable for the Oase BioStyle aquarium filters
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What is the Oase BioStyle Cartridge Booster?

The Oase BioStlye Cartridge Booster is an empty replacement cartridge that allows you to add your choice of dry, solid filter media to your existing Oase Biostyle aquarium filter. The Cartridge Booster has an inner capacity of 120 ml. Adding additional filter media to your aquarium guarantees crystal clear water quality and clarity in freshwater and marine aquariums.

What are the benefits of using filter media in your aquarium?

Aquarium filters play a crucial role in keeping your aquarium and its inhabitants healthy and happy. The perfect water quality for an aquarium is achieved by combining a few filter media. When you use the right filter media, you can get rid of many common issues caused by waste and impurities. In this way, you will be able to reduce the amount of time needed to maintain your tank, since dirt will take much longer to accumulate.

How often should I replace the media inside the BioStyle Cartridge Booster?

When to replace a filter cartridge depends on the aquarium size, the number of plants and fish, as well as the filter's performance.

Suitable for BioStyle 75, BioStyle 115, BioStyle 180
Dimensions L:5.8 x W:2.3 x D: 0.57”
Inner capacity 120 ml
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